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Answers to Your Questions

  Photo Credit:  Endy Events If you are a bride who is knee deep in wedding planning, you know it takes and enormous amount of organization.  First, you create a fine-tuned budget, lay out a well-planned timeline, and then you face dozens of other decisions that might add up to difficult questions and dilemmas. Here...
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7 Common Errors Bride Make When Planning Their Wedding

Photo Credit: Mirage Photo Any bride who has spent even just a little time wedding planning knows it takes an enormous amount of organization.  Since this is most likely your first time, it’s easier than you’d think to fall prey to wedding pitfalls. Here are 7 Common Errors Brides Make When Planning Their Wedding.  I have more,...
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Wedding Trends for 2023

If this year’s trends have taught us anything, it’s that 2023 is all about expressing individuality. After months of delays, reschedules and compromises, couples are ready to be themselves.
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Here’s a LOW- COST décor Item that speaks romantic nights!

  Something borrowed, something blue, let’s plan the perfect wedding for you. Here’s a LOW- COST décor Item that speaks romantic nights! Nothing sets a romantic mood like candlelight so why not add the romance of candles at your wedding ceremony and reception. From large oversized candles to small delicate candles the options are endless...
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100 Instrumental Wedding Songs for the Walk Down the Aisle

Are you looking for that SPECIAL song for your walk down the wedding aisle?  Here is a list of 100 potential wedding songs that might be perfect for your stroll. Find the song that speaks to you!  As you know, the bride’s entrance is the real start to your special day. Walking down the aisle...
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Is money the reason you keep pushing back your wedding?

  You want a beautiful wedding, something special, something to celebrate with family and friends. And yet, it seems impossible to come up with the cash to have the kind of wedding you want? Everyone is feeling it! Gas prices are through the roof, food is expensive, and everything just costs more. While money may...
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