Are you considering Hair Extensions for your wedding?

By Special Guest Blogger – Chrissy Stojan


As a bride you want to look your absolute best on your wedding day, and many brides will share with their hairstylists Pinterest images of women with long, thick hair.   Did you know that 90% of those images have gals that use hair extensions?

We weren’t all born with that long, thick hair.  But we can all have that hair thanks to those wonderful hair extensions.  It’s choosing the right type for you.  You can not only have the hairstyle you want for your wedding but you can have the hair you’ve always dreamed of every day!

Let’s review the different types of Extensions, the pros and cons, and the price point of each.  Permanent, Clip ins and Halos are the most popular.  The Natural Beaded Row is one that I recommend after lots of research.

  • Permanent Extensions are the most convenient but the most expensive.  There are many methods from Heat bonded, Tape ins, Braided and Beaded.  Most of these take hours to install and can do a lot of damage to your hair.
  • Clip ins are moderately priced and not damaging if done correctly.  However they take practice to apply correctly and need to be put in every day.  You can’t sleep or shower with them and you are very limited on the types of hairstyles you can do with them.
  • Halos are the least expensive, not damaging, easy to install but you can’t sleep, shower or put your hair up with them.
  • The Natural Beaded Row.  These have the least contact with the hair, only take a couple hours to install and can be worn with any hair style.  You treat them as if it was your own hair. Sleep in them, shower in them, color, curl, straighten, braid and put it in a ponytail.  Your hair has to be shoulder length to get them.  Since they grow out with your natural hair you go back to your stylist every 6-8 weeks to have them moved back up.

Keep in mind if you buy them online and they are cheap then it IS cheap hair and won’t last long.  Decide how much you are willing to spend, how much time each day you want to deal with it, how natural you want them to look and how long you want to keep them in.


Chrissy Stojan


Be the Best You!


Brides – Stop fretting over trying to become the “perfect” you and just be you on your wedding day.

Are you feeling a lot of pressure to perhaps lose weight for your wedding?   Are you concerned about what you perceive as imperfections in your appearance such as a chipped tooth?   Is this self-examination and self-criticism leading to low self-esteem as your days lead up to your walk down the aisle?

Don’t get into the mindset about what others think brides need or the latest trends – fake nails, hair extensions or fancy updos, new cut/color, etc.   The only thing you should do is what makes the real you feel like yourself and feel beautiful.   If it’s something that you will notice and feel better about doing, and if it’s in the budget, go for it.

Spending hours every day at the gym and then adding the extra demands of time planning a wedding means less time with your fiancé.  And this time should be spent together, as you start to build a life together.  He asked you to marry him just like you are.

And then there is the issue of being comfortable on the day of your wedding.   Tightly laced corsets and Spanx can make your uncomfortable even after a few minutes.  You’ll be in agony after a whole day.  Don’t you want to be having FUN at your wedding!   High heels – if you don’t wear them regularly – ditch them.

The thing that’s going to make you feel incredible on your wedding day is the glow that comes from the true happiness of marrying the person you love.

Are you considering a Wedding Hair Wreath?

dried_flower_hair_wreath -

Romantic hair wreaths are one of my favorite new trends that you see more and more. It’s a great alternative for an offbeat bride who cares for something fresh and youthful for her wedding. It’s especially good for that “organic” garden style wedding in an open meadow or backyard. Couple your wreath with a casual relaxed dress, perhaps some ruffles and soft flounces, and then add a pair of comfortable sandals.

We like these wreaths because they are cute, ultra feminine and very couture-like. Fresh flowers and herbs available during the summer months offer a huge selection of colors, flowers, and styles. You could also add some twigs, vines, cherry blossoms, and berries. Make it small and delicate or create a more whimsical style. And circular wreaths symbolize marriage – a complete circle.

dried_flower_hair_wreath -



Favorite Hairstyles for the 2015 Bride

You have found the perfect dress and now it’s time to discover exactly the right hair style that compliments you and your dress.  Hair Up?  Hair Down?  Braids?  Curls?   Are you looking for a more “traditional” hair updo or something new and hip? Get inspired by these gorgeous styles that will impress everyone!  Be sure to share with us your photos that inspired you.









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How to Dress for Hollywood Bride – Bridal Event August 10 2014

We have been receiving a lot of questions about the “DRESS THE PART” for our Hollywood Bride Bridal Event that will be held on August 10, 2014.  Today’s post is to help you compose your “Hollywood Look”.  Most of us don’t remember the 40s or 50s — but they were a very romantic time.   I think of stars like Audrey Hepburn, Lucille Ball, Sophia Loren, and Katharine Hepburn.   And don’t forget Jayne Mansfield, Josephine Baker, and Marlene Dietrich.  The one person that most people still can identify with is Marilyn Monroe.

Here are some specific tips courtesy of EHOW and

Evoking the ultimate old-world charm and glamor, the classic Hollywood look can incorporate bold colors and heavy makeup without appearing slutty or overdone.

Outline your eyes with black eye shadow or black eyeliner. Don’t make the line too thick, but do go all the way around. If you’re new to the look, go very easy on your bottom lid. Thicken the line at the outside corners of your eyes and roughly the outside half of your eyes. Don’t put anything more on the inside corners.

Swipe gold eye shadow on the inside corners and any part of your lids untouched by black shadow. This will glam up and even out the look.

Consider getting eyebrow stencils to help you modify your brow shape accordingly. If you are going for a thicker look, such as you see on Elizabeth Taylor in the 1950s, allow your brows to grow back if you’ve shaped them thinly, or simply fake it. If your brows are relatively thick enough already, you may want to simply follow the shape on the stencil of your choice and use a sharpened brow pencil to draw in fine hairs. Make sure to select a color that isn’t much darker or lighter than your own eyebrows.

Choose lipstick and lip liner in a red shade with a slightly dark tint to it. Color in your whole lip with lip liner, and then swipe the lipstick on. This will prevent feathering out and fading.

Give yourself the original Hollywood look of glossy hair waves. Blown dry your hair.  Spray your hairbrush with hairspray and brush through your hair to smooth it down. Spritz a light glossing of hairspray over your locks, then brush that through as well. For waves, create a ponytail and twist the hair, blow-drying and rubbing your hands over the twist. Once it cools, finger-comb the twist out, and you’ll have beautiful waves.

Do not underestimate the power of the curler, if you want to go for curls instead of waves. Blow dry your hair and set it in large curlers. Once the curls have set, you can either pin the curls up (follow the natural wave of each curl and pin it to your scalp) or finger-comb the curls out for full, lustrous, screen-siren hair.

Stay tune for more hints and tips.

10 Commandments of a Healthy Life

Every bride wants to look her very best on the day of her wedding.  So here are 10 tips that will help you shape up for your wedding or just plain get in shape.  These are not my ideas (check out the link below) but I love them because it makes the process less like a diet and more like healthy living.  I think I will call them my 10 commandments of a healthy life and I myself am going to get serious about obeying these commandments.  Let us know how it works for you.

Fruit composite


  1. Exercise—First thing every morning you will want to get this done. Even if you are just taking a couple loops around the block, get out and exercise and get your heart rate up.
  2. Have Fruit Before Your Meal—Enjoying a piece of fruit before your meal may help aid in digestion, and it will also help you feel more full at the table so you won’t be tempted to overeat.
  3. Avoid Skipping Breakfast—Skipping breakfast deprives your body of much needed nutrients that wake your metabolism up and get your body going every day.
  4. Eat Every 3-4 Hours—It is ideal to try and eat about 6 meals a day that are around 300 calories each. Eat well rounded meals (remember your food groups?) and be sensible about your choices. You don’t have to eliminate meat or carbs, just don’t eat as much.
  5. Control Portions—“Its not what you eat, but how much”. Your main dish should not be bigger than your fist.
  6. Don’t Starve Yourself—Going without eating for long periods of time is setting yourself up for failure. You will want to eat everything in sight and not care about “counting calories”. Eating regularlyeven small meals or healthy snackswill keep your metabolism primed and will also help you to make healthier eating choices.
  7. Choose Healthier Options—Eat healthy snacks (apples, calcium packed foods, nuts, and protein rich foods are all great to help burn fat)
  8. Drinks Lots of Water—Slow down on the caffeine, pop, and alcohol. Choose water instead.
  9. Take Time to Relax—Getting enough sleep and having some “you time” can really make a big difference in how your body will handle weight loss (or maintenance). Evaluate your stress levels and keep yourself in a happy place and your body will respond positively.
  10. Do Shopping on a Full Tummy—One way to help you save yourself from gaining weight and losing money is to go to the store on an empty stomach. Having a full stomach will ensure that you make smart choice and maybe even healthy ones while shopping.


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