All Brides & Bridesmaid Want the GirlyGoGarter

GirlyGoGarter GirlyGoGarterOne of the many vendors that you will see at Hollywood Bride is a company called Pulse, who has a retail location in Chesterfield.  They offer a huge array of fashion apparel plus personalized gifts for your bridesmaids and groomsmen.  One item that I saw the other day, was a really neat idea called Girly GoGarter.  It is a sexy garter with pockets that securely hold your phone, lipstick, etc.!  It holds up to 3 pounds and can carry your keys, credit cards, cash etc.  On your wedding day, your bridesmaids will love this!

PULSE will be bringing some of these to display at their booth and some for purchase this Sunday at the Hollywood Bride – bridal event.  It’s a great product.  So be sure to stop and see their booth.  Look for Pulse as well as many other unique merchants.

The Ketubah – A Cherished Tradition

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In many Jewish weddings the ketubah is an integral part of the traditional Jewish marriage.  A ketubah is a printed document that outlines the rights and responsibilities of the groom in relation to the bride.  The ketubah explains the basic material, conjugal and moral responsibilities of the husband to his wife and it is signed by the groom and two witnesses and given to the bride during the wedding ceremony.  (Halachically, according to Jewish law, only two witnesses need to sign the ketubah and see the groom give the ketubah to the bride and she must accept it.)

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Its purpose was to protect the woman’s rights in case of divorce or death.  Ever since the 14th century it has become tradition to decorate the ketubah as artwork and hang it in the home as a keepsake.

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A few blogs back I talked about the potential of writing your own vows for your marriage ceremony.  I love this process of professing to each other how you feel and why you want to marry your partner.  Wouldn’t it be a wonderful thing to have these vows printed and hung prominently in your home?  Every time you feel angry or hurt, look at your vows in the framed art work and reflect on what’s really important.

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These examples of ketubahs are from and you don’t need to have a Jewish wedding to order one of these for your wedding vows.  They can customize the text and they have hundreds of exquisite examples on line.  I warn you, it will be hard to choose from so many beautiful choices.  Traditional, modern, vibrant, understated…if you can dream it up, you can find it here.  For more information, talk with Aliyah.  She is available by email,  and by phone at 888-538-8224.  Also check out for more information about Jewish weddings.




Looking for something special?

If you have not had the opportunity to attend any of the recent bridal shows here in the St. Louis area, you might want to read on.  I found several really unique vendors with products that I think you should know about.  Yes, we always love to visit with the seasoned veterans in the business – the photographers, the wedding cake companies, the DJ’s, etc.  but sometimes it’s really great to find something a bit different and special.

Here are  some products that I thought were special:

Supper Time Bakery – Letha creates elegant sculpted cookies that are individually packaged.  Flavors include Raspberry Chocolate (my favorite), Mint chocolate, Orange Zest and Rosewater.   These cookies are crafted from an old time German recipe and are so…..good.   It’s not your everyday cookie!  She is re-doing her website, but give her a call at 573-764-4121.

TeddyRoo – Mother & Daughter team make these darling Teddy Bears with outfits that match the brides colors.  In addition each outfit has a “special” pouch that is a great place to add a special note, etc.  These make great gifts for just about anyone in your bridal party – even the bride herself.  Talk to Linda for your custom Teddy Bears.  She can be reach at 636-614-8821 and her web site is


Wine Town Designs – One of my favorite items these ladies from Hermann, Missouri create are the Bridal Bouquet Charms.  In case you didn’t know, the photo charms are added to your bouquet to honor loved ones on your wedding day.  Tina can show you lots of other specialty jewelry that can add zing to your wedding day.  Check out their web site at or call Tina at 573-680-0999.


Suspended in Time – You spend hundreds of dollars for your bridal bouquet, so why not preserve them.   This company offers a variety of products that can display your flowers for you to enjoy years after the wedding.  Dorothy Blue will share lots of creative ideas that you will love.  She can be reached at 636-288-1659. They recently moved their retail store to 1328 North Second St., St. Charles, MO 63301.  You can also heck their website as well:

Suspended in Time Photo

Suspended in Time Photo