Wedding Planning – Finalize & Enjoy!

It’s almost time for the big day.  As the wedding draws closer you will need to finalize all of the details with each vendor and each member of the Wedding Party.  (You have all the information right there in your binder!)  Talk with the wedding party and family and ask them to help with specific tasks the day of the wedding.  More importantly, assign a “Person Friday” to be the “go to” person on the day of the wedding to coordinate all the last minute questions and details.  Turn over your binder to your “Person Friday” and they will have all the contact and contract information to make sure everyone performs as planned.  That person will make sure the cake is delivered; the wedding programs are at the church, etc.  If you have hired a wedding planner, then the wedding planner is your Person Friday – and again, the binder will be an invaluable asset in helping the wedding planner follow through on all the details.

On the wedding day – it’s time to turn over all the event functions to your Person Friday or wedding planner and just ENJOY THE DAY!   Bear in mind that not everything will go 100% as planned, but keep in mind what is important today – you’re getting married to the man of your dreams.


Outdoor Wedding Reception




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