3 Ways to Spot a Wedding Crasher

Wedding Reception 2



Yes – it really does happen!  Wedding Crashers!  I know this because I’ve seen it.  In fact, as you review your photos after the wedding and if you find one or two people who keep showing up in your reception photos who you can’t account for, you probably had a crasher!   Who would dare do this?  How can you spot them?  Let me give you some clues:


  1.  Most wedding crashers are men in their mid 20s to 30s.  Almost always there will be at least two people, but sometimes you will see a group of four or five.  Rarely is it a woman or a group of women.
  2. Attire is a give away.  Most will be wearing jeans or very casual wear.  Watch for backpacks, large “camera” or other bags.  If you see these “guests” hanging around the gift table, it’s okay to check them out.  Questions like, “Are you a friend of the bride or groom and how did you meet them?” will usually spook them.  Gifts have been known to be stolen.  Most times they are just there to dance, have some fun, and because they have nothing else to do.   It’s an opportunity to enjoy free food, and cheap or free alcohol.  Some crashers are “uninvited” friends who are spiffed at not being invited, and they are just there to take a stand.
  3. Open doors to your reception kind of say, “Come on in”.  Keep it closed.  If they don’t see what is happening, they are less inclined to enter.  Receptions tend to be large, loud, and generally don’t require a written invitation in hand.

Most wedding crashers don’t know the couple getting married and if they get drunk or belligerent it can be an embarrassment for you.

Have any of you experienced this situation?  Let us know.  While movies tend to make it a barrel of laughs when this occurs, it’s best to avoid this situation.

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