Wedding Planning – The Notebook

Before we proceed to Step 4 there is just one tip that has worked for many brides.   Back in college or high school we kept a notebook for each subject we studied. Generally this notebook had pockets for handouts and other material.  Do the same for your wedding.  Get a 3 ring binder with some dividers, and if possible, some pocket inserts as well.  In this binder add all your wedding planning notes – your priorities, your budget, brochures from vendors that you have hired, receipts, invoices, and contracts.  Yes, lots of us use a spreadsheet, but print out your spreadsheet and other material and keep it in your binder.  That way, when you go for an appointment, take it with you, and you will know exactly what funds are available.  You can add color swatches and details that will allow you to match items perfectly.   Yes there are expensive binders that are pre-made that you can find in the book store, but creating one yourself really allows you to customize it to your needs and save money.  This binder is also great for the guest list and the RSVPs as they arrive.  On the wedding day, you give this to your “Person Friday” (we will talk about this in a future blog) who will then have all your detailed information to keep the wedding day flowing as you planned.

Wedding Planning Notebook DIY



The other thing is to keep photos on your smart phone – your dress, your veil, jewelry, flowers, and any other special details that are important.

This is probably the biggest event that you have ever planned, and this binder will be your lifeline.

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