Miss, Ms to Mrs. – The Name Change Checklist

Guys have it easy when they get married…life goes on.   Us ladies on the other hand – well!  First off, we have a choice whether to keep our maiden name, take our husband’s name, or perhaps, like some, hyphenate our name and his name.   Some women choose to keep their maiden name for professional reasons, and other women fear losing a part of their identity when they take a new name.

Marriage License Photo BSL

Once that choice is made, then the real work begins.   I listed below some of the MANY documents that will need to be changed.  Some places will require a certified copy of your marriage license before they will legally change your name.  A certified copy is obtained from the Clerk of the Court where the marriage license was recorded.  It will have a county seal that insures that it is a legitimate copy of the original marriage certificate.  Social Security Card, Passport, and Driver’s License will all require that certified copy.

Here’s a list that you might want to check off as you make the changes.

And one other note –  If you are leaving for your honeymoon right after the wedding, make honeymoon reservations in your maiden name as it takes time to receive your “Certified” copies.

Like I said, the guys have it easy!




Passport  –  http://www.travel.state.gov/passport/passport_1738.html

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