What kind of wedding do you as a bride really want?

Couple outsideWedding Professionals tell me that sometimes trying to figure out what brides really want is like learning to dance with two left feet.   Extremely difficult because many times the bride herself doesn’t know.   A bride will say that she wants an elegant, outdoor venue, on a lake with a candlelight ceremony, and then after an exhaustive search that results in way over the budget locations, she books a banquet hall that has no outdoor facilities?  That’s a 180 degree change.   Somehow the idea of a compromise never entered the picture.

When that happens, is it because the choices are overwhelming?  Is it because you feel frustrated with finding just what you want, and then with time running out, take the easiest route to booking a venue?

I had a chance to visit with a number of brides recently and one of the questions that I asked some of the brides was, “What do you want your wedding to be?”  A second question that I would ask is, “What’s important to you in your wedding?”  It’s interesting that a lot of brides were taken aback by these questions.    Most brides were overwhelmed by the number of choices they had, and simply wanted to have a wedding that was fun and memorable.  Others wanted to have a “nice” wedding, but within a very tight budget.

Right now, first and foremost, take a few moments to really reflect on exactly what you envision your wedding to be.  What’s most important to you?  What defines elegant to you?   What defines fun?  Then, share with us what you need to help you pull off the wedding you envision?  What do wedding vendors need to do better?

Here is your opportunity to speak your mind.  Send your comments to [email protected]

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