How to Cut the Cake

It’s crazy, but one of the many questions that I have heard the wedding couple ask is, “How do we cut the cake?”  While at first thought you might think that’s a simple question, there are some etiquette rules even on this part of the wedding.  So, let’s talk about this.

Cutting the cake


Rule Number One – Make sure your photographer is there and ready to capture the event.  Your photographer might be capturing other activity across the room, and sadly not all DJs do their job to keep the photographer informed on what’s going on.

There should be two tools – a knife and a server.  The top layer should be saved for your First Anniversary.  Do not cut that.  Most couples will use the knife to make a triangular slice on the bottom layer.  The bride’s hand goes on the knife first, and the groom places his hand over the bride’s hand.  Make sure to cut through all the layers.  Then use the server to scoop out the slice to the awaiting plate.   Either the bride scoops the cake slice and the groom holds the plate, or vice versa.

Cake knife and server


Prior to the wedding, the couple should decide, “Do we use forks or do we hand feed?”  Either is perfectly acceptable.  And now comes the fun part – feeding each other.  Play nice, and if you are using fingers, be prepared to get a little messy; it’s all part of the fun.

And don’t forget to have them put aside several slices for after the wedding, as many couples don’t take the time to enjoy their cake at the reception.

That’s it.

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