How to Work with Vendors Who Fall Below Expectations

All bridal couples have certain expectations from wedding professionals that are a given such as the caterers will provide great food that is at the right temperature and properly cooked, the flowers will be fresh and as requested, and the DJ will play all the preferred songs.   However what do you do if the food is cold, the florist delivers the wrong flowers, or the DJ plays the wrong tunes?

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There are steps that you should be taking now, before the wedding.   Of course, you will probably want to interview several vendors in each category appropriate to your budget for that item.  Questions need to be asked and expectations need to be communicated clearly.  If fact, it is always best to put everything in writing – and the beauty of contracts is that they will include such directions and instructions.  For the creative arts such as photography, be sure that your vision and the vision of the photographer are the same.  If the photographer shoots in a more candid style, that’s the type of images you will receive.

But, let’s say you have done all that and your expectations still have not been met.  The best way to approach a vendor who has not met requirements is to ask what they can do to remedy the situation.  We all have bad days, and they probably feel bad; screaming and yelling never resolves problems.  I have found that most vendors understand the importance of this day for you and are more than willing to fix the problem.  You will need to be realistic about the situation – if the flowers are wrong, he/she may not be able to get your requested buds, but work with an alternative.

Yes, this situation can be very upsetting but you really need to focus on enjoying your day and not spending energy being stressed and angry about a situation that cannot be remedied.  There is never a perfect wedding.  Things will go wrong.

After the wedding is the best time to approach the vendor and talk to him.    Perhaps a credit can be arranged, or other appropriate resolution can be made in an attempt to make amends.


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