Bachelorette Parties that Rock!

We all know about the typical bachelorette party where everybody goes out to drink, eat, and dance and sometimes everyone over does it a bit, and the next day you’re saying “Why did I do that!””

Bachelorette Parties can be fun without all the drinking.  Having fun and getting everyone involved is the goal, and you might want to try something a little different that will have everybody raving.  Some examples follow:

  1. Weekend Getaway.  Rent a house on the current river and float a canoe or do some lazy river rafting.  Or, perhaps rent a house boat on the Lake on the Ozarks and just enjoy some sun and relaxation.  And, of course then, there always the outlet mall at the Lake of the Ozarks.  A fun shopping trip with a day on the water can be just what a girl needs to revive her spirit.
  2. If you can’t do a weekend – why not a spa day.  Hair, Nails, Massage, a little champagne and a dinner at a favorite spot.  This makeover day will have the bride and her guests looking and feeling fabulous.
  3. We have lots of wineries here.  Schedule a tasting session and enjoy a classic romantic movie.
  4. Cooking Classes.  Really!  Find a chef – maybe make it Italian – and enjoy learning to master a fabulous Italian meal.  Make it a party and have fun.  Make sushi.  Bake cupcakes.   Don’t want to cook – just hire a chef to prepare a fabulous dinner for the group.
  5. Why not a dance class.  Tango, Belly Dancing, Pole Dancing or whatever.  Just enjoy the fun.  And then there is always a Western Theme.  Get out the boots and the cowgirl hat.
  6. Lingerie!  Ask guest to bring lingerie as a gift.  In fact, maybe have a lingerie “white elephant” exchange so that everyone takes home some fun.

Have you been to a fabulous bachelorette party that everyone simply adored?  Leave a comment and share your ideas with the Bride St. Louis Community.

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