A White Dove Release for Your Wedding

Few symbols have a tradition as long and as rich as the dove.    A White Dove Release is a breathtakingly beautiful sight!  The symbol of hope, peace, and love all wrapped up in two beautiful snow-white birds.    Two doves in a pure white decorated birdcage are usually set up at your wedding near where vows are taken.  This symbolizes you as a couple joining together.  Like us, the dove takes one mate for life.  After the ceremony is complete, the doves are released in celebration.

Dove in Wedding Ceremony


Weddings are very special and a remembrance for a life time for all.    When doves are released it is always spectacular, no matter if they circle many times or just deliver the wish into the heavens quickly.

All doves are not created equal.   Doves released by professionals are highly trained and well cared for.  It takes a period of 6-9 months to train birds to travel a 50 mile radius. In addition to training, daily exercise is important to keep the doves “in shape” for releases.

If you schedule a dove release, bear in mind that safety for the doves is the number one priority.  Weather conditions and time of day must be considered.  It is not safe for the birds to fly in heavy winds or gusts, heavy rain, snow or fog.  Temperatures above 100 degrees or below 30 degrees are considered extreme.  Heavy lightning is also dangerous for the doves.

two white doves

If you want to put “AW and WOW” in your wedding day, consider a dove release.

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