Insights from Wedding Planners & How They Do Business – Part 3


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This is our final section that continues our discussion about wedding planners and how they do business.  We will answer the final two questions and provide a summary of their responses.

What are some of the toughest issues that you have had to deal with?

  • Dealing with families of the couple is the number one complaint of most wedding planners!  Many in the immediate family or wedding party have an opinion contrary to the planner’s recommendation and they express it to the bride, putting her in a state of confusion.  And then there is the friend and “Wedding Know It All”.
  • Brides who can’t make a decision.
  • Poor communication or communication at the last second.   Victoria Bauer, owner of A Bride’s Ally, stated, “Vendors aren’t mind readers – brides MUST communicate with their vendors and do so with enough time for the vendors to accommodate their requests/concerns.  (e.g. – An hour before the reception starts is NOT the time to hand the DJ a ‘must play’ list.)


What would you like to see changed in the wedding industry here in our area?

Many planners mentioned that it is great to see that our ‘traditional’ weddings are starting to see more emphasis on ‘personal’ celebration rather than “must do’ or ‘we need to do that because it is expected.’  You will see two “Best Men” when a groom might have two special people in his life, and changes like this.   There are weddings where the throwing of the bouquet or garter toss is gone.  Couples are opting for smaller, more intimate weddings.

Almost every planner mentions they would like to see more bride education.  Victoria Bauer of A Bride’s Ally stated, “It would be nice to see vendors truly educate brides on their options, the trade-offs, and what would work best for them and why.”   And by the way, will be hosting their second bridal workshop called “Engaged – For Sweethearts – this February 16th at the Holiday Inn – Route 66.  Our workshop will have 18 education sessions for brides

In conclusion….

I firmly believe that a Wedding Planners job is extremely tough and that a major in psychology might not be a bad option if this is your choice in careers.  I also firmly believe that Wedding Planners REALLY CARE about their clients and help create weddings that are truly amazing.  And finally, a Wedding Planner can make the wedding day a joy rather than a stressful event.


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