Mother of the Bride – Survival Tips

Bride & Mother

Many of today’s mothers have daughters who are rapidly making their way up the corporate ladder.   But many of these brides-to-be still depend on the balanced advice from their mom’s when it comes time to picking a venue, finding a gown, or tasting the cake.  Today’s moms need to help provide the proper balance in the details of the wedding – number of guests,  making good choices for the seating chart, and proper etiquette procedures.

Problems can arise between mother and bride when the dream wedding is the fairy-tale wedding of the mother, rather than the bride’s dream.   Mothers this is not your wedding – remember that.

The most important thing to remember is that there will be obstacles to overcome.  It’s an extremely emotions time – for both the bride and the mother – and emotions need to be addressed and then the problems can be tackled.  As you begin the wedding planning process lay down ground rules together, so that you both understand the part that your Mother will play.

When Mom and Dad are paying for the wedding, costs are a bigger issue and should be discussed early in the planning so that everyone is on the same page with regard to expenses.  For parents who are not paying for the wedding, the best thing you can do Mom is to be supportive of your daughter’s wishes, and help her make sound decisions.

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