8 Secrets to Happiness

Slowing down and being generous is part of the recipe for happiness.  Bring greater joy to your day to day life with these tips.   When you marry, this new way of life gives you an opportunity to build lasting happy marriages.


  1.  Live and let live.  Move forward and let others live their lives.
  2. Be giving of yourself to others. If you withdraw into yourself you run the risk of becoming egocentric.
  3. Proceed calmly in life.   Don’t be a rushing stream; opt instead to be a pool of water.  Enjoy the moment.
  4. Maintain a healthy sense of leisure.  Set aside time for art, literature and playing together.  Turn off the TV and get off Facebook and share and experience one another.  Take time to communicate without distractions.
  5. Respect and take care of nature.  Environmental degradation is one of the biggest challenges we have.
  6. Stop being negative.  Needing to talk badly about others indicates low self-esteem.  Let go of negative things and focus on the positive.
  7. Respect others beliefs.
  8. Work for peace in the home and your family.
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