How well do you know your groom?

The strange thing about a couple planning their wedding is that most brides have been planning their wedding since early childhood, whereas the groom starts thinking about the wedding, and the cost, just after the engagement.  Most brides think they know their guy pretty well, but here are some things that you might not realize.

Groom getting ready


  • Your groom is just as excited about getting married as you, but he is definitely more interested in being man and wife and not so much the process.  Guys just don’t talk about it.  Grooms are into the idea of a wedding.  Understand also that some guys think that the big fancy wedding is a waste of money, but they go along with it, because it is important to you.  It also creates a situation for them that they may feel inadequate if they can’t afford to provide the wedding of your dreams.  And some men feel really uncomfortable asking the father of the bride for his financial support.
  • Your groom is concerned about how he looks in his tux.  Do I button the jacket, do I leave it open?  Most guys just are really uncomfortable with the dress up part, and want to look the part that they feel they are expected to play.
  • Some grooms will be nervous about their appearance, especially their hair.
  • Families today are very complicated and not always on the best of terms, especially in situations of divorce.  Guys are super sensitive to the potential of family conflicts, and most of all if it is on their side of the family.  They don’t want to be embarrassed by hostile events that could occur.   In some situations this is the first time that the bride’s family will have meet the groom’s family, so he wants to put on a good face and he wants his family not to be a problem.
  • And grooms are entitled to their own time to “freak out”.   It will happen.  It might be over the silliest little thing like what the cost of the appetizers are going to be, or why you need to pay some amazing price for table linens, when you have already discussed this issue.   This behavior is normal and annoying, but stress will affect his demeanor as well.

Planning a marriage is a real test of communication between future partners.  So, how well do you know your future spouse?

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