Are you considering including your pet in your wedding?

Many of us pet parents feel that our pets are an integral part of our lives, and therefore want to include them in this wonderful day.  At my son’s wedding, his dog was his “Best Man”.  And with some couples, the pet was a huge part of what brought them together in the first place.

Bride with Horse Portrait

Don’t just think dog or cat, you can sometimes include your horse or pet birds. If your wedding day would not be complete without including your pet’s involvement keep these tips in mind:

  • First and foremost, would you pet feel comfortable around a large group of guests, and is he/she obedient and well behaved?
  • If you have rented a venue make sure that it is acceptable to bring your pet.
  • If you are dressing up your pet, make sure that your accessories are comfortable and safe.
  • Consider hiring a pet attendant, so that you have the time and flexibility to socialize with guests.
  • For your guests who have pets themselves and who are traveling to your wedding, inform them about, this website helps traveling guests make arrangements for their pets.
  • Because some of your guest may have pet allergies, be sure to inform them that your pet will be participating in the ceremony.
  • And finally, inform your photographer so that he/she can be prepared to capture your pet in action.  Talk to your florist as well as some flowers and petals can be potentially harmful to your pet.

With a pet, all things might not go perfectly, and that is something you need to understand and expect.   Pets have attended their owner’s wedding for quite a while and if this is important to you, plan the day accordingly and enjoy their participation.

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