Beautiful Images with Infrared Photography


Our senses sample only a small slice of the reality around us.  Infrared photography captures the strange and serene corner of the invisible world found just beyond visible red in the near infrared band of the EM (electromagnetic) spectrum…an area of visible light that is not visible to the human eye.    Digital cameras today can be adapted to capture this light.  The key word is “adapted” because most digital camera are equipped with infrared-blocking filters.  A very select group of photographers offer Infrared Photography for their couples.  Because most images straight out of the “adapted” camera do not always look good, there is a lot of post-processing done to enhance these images.

Infrared images partake of the deeply tonal beauty typical of black and white photography, and much more.   Images are truly beautiful, surreal and very unique.  Great use of light, angle and composition are always important – but with IR imagery other things really pop – foliage, clouds, water, sky, architecture or anything with texture.

Here are see examples for your viewing pleasure. If you are tired of seeing the same stuff everyone else is getting, you might inquiry about some infrared images.

Infrared Image 1

Infrared Image 2

infrared image 3

Infrared image 4

Infrared Image 5

Infrared Image 6

Infrared Image 7

Infrared Image 8

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