Gorgeous Floral Trends

Purpe and White Bridal Bouquet


I recently had an opportunity to talk with a number of top floral designers in our area and asked them about new floral decor themes and trends.  It seems that the one thing I heard over and over was that couples wanted to create that outdoor feeling inside, with lots of tall, lighted trees lining the aisles and huge centerpieces.  (If you will recall, Kate Middleton and Price William transformed the Westminster Abbey into an English country garden.)  In addition, you will see lots of specialized lighting added to the floral displays which can create an amazing effect for when the overhead lights go down.  Light creates drama and can also be implemented with lots and lots of candles.

Flower choices include full bloom type selections such as blousy roses, peonies, and hydrangeas.  Bouquets are larger and more radiant and you will see more trailing designs rather than the massed, hand tied style of previous years.

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