Is Marriage a Luxury?

Wedding Planning and Marriage

There is a very interesting article I recently read in Today’s Money  and I thought it would be good to discuss the highlights of their article and get some feedback from you, our St. Louis/St. Charles couples.


This article points out that the demographics of who walks down the aisle has change in recent years, and that people with a college degree have become more likely to get – and stay – married than their less educated counterparts.  In days past, college educated women were the least likely to be married, as compared to those with a high school degree or below.  Women no longer necessarily marry to move up in their economic status as they tend to look for an equal who can provide financially because they feel it takes two earners to meet an expected standard of living.

What also has come to be is a rapid decline of marriage among people with just a high school degree.  Those with less education want to get married, but feel that they are not in a stable, financial point in their lives.

Bottom line – marriage might be considered a “luxury” and that the practice of living together without getting married defines your social status.

What do you think?   Are they wrong?

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