8 Summer Makeup Tips – Look Fabulous all Day Long!

It’s that time here in the St. Louis area where the heat and humidity can take its toll.  Summertime means sweat and extra oil production which can lead to makeup that runs, smudges or even disappears.   I’ve talked to a number of beauty makeup experts and I am going to share a few of their secrets that will keep you looking fabulous all day long.

Prep for Makeup


Prep and Prime:

  1. Apply a sunblock and let it absorb into the skin.  It’s best to avoid foundation that has SPF because SPF is highly reflective in photography.  By layering SPF under your foundation you will have the protection you need, but without the shine.
  2. Splash toner over your face to minimize the skin’s PH level.  A high PH level emits oil which breaks down makeup.
  3. Apply eye cream to remove any puffiness around the eyes
  4. Apply an anti-shine serum that will help matte the skin giving you a natural luminous feeling and look.
  5. Apply a foundation primer to help inhibit the skin’s oils that causes makeup smudges throughout the day.
  6. Apply foundation and follow with a dusting of powder.  Waterproof makeup, used many times when working up a lot of sweat, is not the same as long wearing.  Waterproof makeup will cake or fade and will not last throughout the day.
  7. There are lots of long lasting eyeliners, eye shadows, and lip color to finish the job.
  8. During the day – Use blot paper to remove oil and control shine.

Makeup Brushes

These guidelines should keep you looking fresh for up to 12 hours and dancing the night away.   Summer heat is no excuse for not looking flawless all day long.

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