Budget Tip #5 – Saving Money on Alcohol at Your Reception

Bar LiquorIf you are trying to keep the cost of your wedding reception in line, here are a few tips to reduce the alcohol expense at your reception.  This is a big chunk of the reception expense, and while you want your guests to have a good time, there’s no need to break the bank.

One of the easiest ways to save money is to provide your own liquor – this can save up to 50% of your alcohol bill.  While this can’t be done at all venues, if you can, this is a significant cost saver.

Use bar brands not premium brands of liquor.  They are less expensive and most people will not notice.

If you are paying corkage fees or by the bottle, consider the larger containers like a magnum or a keg of beer.

Limit the number of hours you open the bar.  Open during cocktail hour but close over dinner if the guests will have wine.  Then open again after the dancing starts.  Close the bar one hour before the reception ends and have a coffee and tea bar.

Don’t use family help to man the bar.  They might pour larger drinks and negate any savings you might otherwise have.  So arrange your own bar service with a professional bartender.

And another idea – serve a signature drink only such as a specific cocktail, along with soft drinks, coffee and tea.  This save a lot of money plus it is a fun way to express yourself and tie it into the theme of your wedding.

If you pay a flat rate per guest for alcohol, ask to subtract the number of children expected from your overall total bill.

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