Wedding Favors that your guest will love!

I’m not a big fan of the standard little wedding favors such as the box of colored M&Ms or mints in a tin.  Um…I’ve seen them many times.  Boring.   I think the bride today who uses a little imagination can add a lot of fun and flair to the party.  I’m not talking about breaking the bank with elaborate favors…just something a little different that your guest will appreciate and remember.

For instance, at one wedding the couple gave out small oak tree saplings.  The guest could take them home and plant them.   And even if you’re not a domestic type, it’s easy to make your own jam or chutney …put them into little jars with the message, “Spread the Love” and, of course, the date of your wedding.  It’s all in the presentation.   Another nice touch is sweet smelling soaps.   Why not some homemade soap, wrap with a little twine.   And what about this for a country wedding – small brown burlap bags filled with coffee beans, and a tag that says, “The Perfect Blend”.    So, I think you get my drift.

What are you planning to use for your wedding?  Send you inspirations and ideas and we’ll share the love with all our brides who would love to hear more.

Wedding Favors

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