Brides – Don’t Make These Mistakes


As you are preparing for your wedding day, you might want to refer back to this blog post to remind yourself exactly what a wedding is about – getting married to the one person who’s the love of your life.  The Wedding Day Ceremony and Reception is a celebration of your love and commitment to one another.  Enjoy the pre-wedding day functions and planning, but don’t make the following mistakes along the way:

Have FUN on your wedding day!


Buy your wedding gown before choosing a venue.  The wedding venue or destination will be the single biggest choice that sets the tone of your wedding.  Consider the level of formality.  Is your wedding outdoors or a ballroom oozing Old World elegance?  If your wedding is in a grassy meadow or sandy beach, a long train that’s meant to sweep across the ground might not be ideal considering dirt and potential snags.  However, that look would work splendidly in a church ceremony.

Invite non wedding guests to pre wedding parties.

Forget about hidden costs.  10 Unexpected Expenses:

  1. Sales Tax
  2. Gratuities and Tips
  3. Gifts for the Wedding Party (Average gift $50 a person and 14 people = $700!)
  4. Delivery Fees
  5. Postage ($1.00 per invitation plus, and return stamps.
  6. Overtime Fees
  7. Bar Setup Fees/Uncorking Fee – if you provide your own liquor.
  8. Expanding Guest List.
  9. Cake Cutting Fee (some venues do charge for this).

Crash Diet.  Every woman wants to look her best on her wedding day, but few brides-to-be stop to consider how to get trim and toned the healthy way.  In the days prior to your wedding, don’t skip dinner and indulge in just soup or rice, because by starving yourself you are depriving your body of essential nutrients and you will be tired and irritable.  Severely restricting fat and carb intake can result in tired and baggy eyes.  And bottom line – you will regain all that weight quickly.

Skimp on bridal party gifts.  These friends are here for you and have spent hard earned money to participate in your special day.  Treat them like your friends and show your appreciation.

Schedule a long time between ceremony and reception.  Guests may skip the ceremony or reception if they have long periods in-between with nothing to do.  If you do need to schedule a long stretch between events, make sure your guests know well in advance that they will be on their own for a few hours before your reception begins.  Provide them with recommendations for nearby activities and entertainment, including lunch spots and your favorite place for a drink.

Control your photographer.  He/She knows how to capture the best shots that tell the story of your day.  A professional photographer will not need a “shot list”.   Do let him/her know of any special activity or person that you would like to capture.

Forget to eat on your wedding day.

Overdo DIY – especially last minute.  Have everything ready 30 days prior.

Forget, if you have kids, to hire someone to watch them ALL day.

Ignore your guests – make sure they have a good time.  Add some fun for them for the day like a hot chocolate bar, singing waiters, belly dancer, or perhaps hire a string quartet or live band.  Some country weddings have a petting zoo brought in and provide lawn games and an ice cream truck for mid-day treats. A Grazing Table is a new trend that provides an awesome array of food choices and treats.

Grazing Table by Bride St. Louis

Have such a crazy busy day that doesn’t allow personal time with your new husband.

Ignore your folks on your wedding day.

Allow roasts by inebriated guests.

Forget to have FUN!!!


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