Answers to Questions about Wedding Dilemmas

 Bride with Both Dads

Over the last few months we have received emails regarding various dilemmas and so we thought today we would answer a few of these concerns:

If a friend can’t attend, should I still invite them?

That’s a sticky one.   An invitation generally means the expectation of a gift, and you don’t want people to think they have to give a gift even though they can’t attend.  If you still want to send an invitation, add a small note that this invitation is sent just as a keepsake.

Can I have my mother walk me down the aisle?

You can have anyone who is significant to you walk you down the aisle.  You can even walk alone or with more than one person.

How do I deal with guests who ask to bring kids even after we’ve made it clear they’re not invited?

Call or email your guests and explain that the invitation was just for adults only.  It’s not fair to other guests if you make an exception.  The flower girl and ring bearer are the only allowable exceptions.

How can I back out of my agreement to be a bridesmaid?

First of all, you need to talk with the bride regarding the situation.  Other than illness, family emergency or work demand, it’s not acceptable to back out once you’ve committed.  Even when you have disagreements with the bride during the wedding planning, you are expected to live up to your commitment.

Does only the Maid of Honor host the bridal shower?

Bridesmaids, Mother of the Bride, Mother of the Groom, Close Friends, Co-Workers – just about anyone can host a bridal shower.

When I invited a single friend do I automatically invite a +1?

If you know that your single friend is in a committed relationship then it is the right move to extend the invitation to their partner.  Single friends who are in a more casual relationship (or no relationship) do not need the courtesy of an additional +1 invite.

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