Announce Your Engagement with Pizzazz

Engagement AnnoucementOne of the very best things about getting engaged (besides the handsome fiancé, gorgeous ring, and the prospect of love and happiness hereafter) is announcing your engagement to your friends and family!   Etiquette always expects you to tell your mothers and fathers in person first.  But after that, besides shouting it from a roof top, you can then proceed to more creative announcements (and with a lot less fear of dealing with parental pressure).


It’s a special moment that means more than just changing your facebook status.   So why not do it a little differently.  I’ll share a few ideas with you, and in turn, if any of you have something to add, we would like to hear how you made the big announcement.

Photo Announcement:   A photo of the two of you with perhaps a sign that says, “I said yes”.  It’s simple, easy and fun.  Or perhaps share a series of photos that starts with when you first met, and proceeds through the first date, first kiss and then a photo with the ring on the finger.  You can add some dates and notes along with these photos.

Say it with a Video: Most smart phones today have the ability to make a short video that you can share.

Say it with Fashion:  Get t-shirts made up that says, “The Future Mrs. ____”, “Soon to be Married”, or with a “Save the Date XX/XX/XX printed on the shirt.”  Wear a shirt over the t-shirt and at the right moment, take off the top shirt to make the big reveal (like Superman).

Flash Mob:  Got lots of friends?  Get them all in the action.

Host a Party:  Never a better time then when you’ve got everyone together.



So, how did you make the big announcement?

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