3 Ways to Help Your Wedding Photographer Capture Great Moments

(Guest Post by Patrick Pope Photography: (PatrickPopePhotography.com)

BrideStLouis 3 Ways to Help Your Photographer

Want your wedding photographer to capture those special moments?

Every bride needs to know a few things about working with their photographer to get amazing images that will thrill you and excite you every time you view those images.


  • First – Hire a professional photographer. They have the experience and equipment to do the job. Yes, there are lots of “good” cameras out there – but just having a good camera doesn’t get the job done. (So, let Uncle Jack with his “good” camera enjoy the wedding.) Professional Photographers spend Thousands of Dollars on highly specialized lenses, flashes, and have backup systems!
  • TRUST him/her to yes, get those must have moments (the first kiss, the walk down the aisle, etc.) but also give your photographer the FREEDOM and TIME to capture your day and your unique authentic special moments. While you may have one or two Pinterest photos that you would like to re-create with your photographer, don’t make the day everything about re-creating Pinterest photos that you’ve seen. Those are NOT your experiences. Keep your images “TRUE” to the day. That’s the FREEDOM part.
BrideStLouis - 3 Way to Help Your Photographer
BrideStLouis – 3 Way to Help Your Photographer


The TIME part means that you need to dedicate a portion of the day (especially just the two of you) to share time and let the photographer capture the essence of your love and emotion naturally. That might mean taking a 15 minute walk or just going outside to the courtyard with each other. Ask the wedding party and family members for a few moments of private time. After all, it’s your wedding day and the most important thing is to share these moments with the man you just married and the man who is the love of your life. Even if you choose not to do a “first look” take some time alone with one another.

Photography is more than just pushing a button. A good photographer understands light and also knows that the light during the day can change in an instant. If your photographer is working with off-camera lighting, give him/her a few extra moments to dial in the proper exposure as needed. In turn, you will be rewarded with sensational photos that will awe you. Not all photographers have that skill, but if they do, you will want to allow them the TIME to create for you images that you will absolutely love. These are priceless images that you will share forever.

Share with your photographer details such as any plans to open a special keepsake that you will wear or give, or the fact that a special family member that has made the trip just for you. For example of a detail shared – one bride had embroidered in her husband’s suit, their wedding date. Share special events as well. At one reception that I attended, the immediate family created a “MOB DANCE” for the couple. And then share things about yourself – both good and bad – that you feel will help your photographer better connect with candid moments that will convey the emotion of your day. Your photographer will then want to capture images of that person, detail, or event.

BrideStLouis - 3 Way to Help Your Photographer
BrideStLouis – 3 Way to Help Your Photographer

NO!  You do not need to create “detailed” Shot List for the Basic Photos that EVERY Wedding Photographer will capture

You do NOT need to give the photographer a list of the basic shots such as Photo of Bride & Groom, Photo with Wedding Party. They know this stuff! Also, limit the number of formals (unless you like spending 45 minutes or more just smiling at the camera!) Get photos of the immediate family, the wedding party, couple with parents – perhaps 5 to 7 different groups. At about 3-4 minutes per group (it takes time to get everyone aligned) that’s already 30+ minutes! And when you are doing formals, many photographers will ask guests & family not to take photos at that time, as eye will be looking all over the place!

Most photographers love to blend into the background and let all the moments come naturally. And most photographers I know want to make sure that couples enjoy the experience as much as possible.

Wedding photography is important because those images keep your memories alive! The images are the essence of the emotion of the day. At the end of the day, it will be your story that is told.

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