Why is GOOD PERSONAL service important?

Okay, I’m going to sound off on a pet peeve.  I made several calls today to bridal shops, and one of the larger chains here in town has a Voice System.  The voice mail gave me four options, call for directions & hours – didn’t need that, call for alterations – didn’t need that, call to schedule an appointment – didn’t need that, and operator for all other calls.  I selected “Operator” and after many rings and no person responding, the voice mail recorder stated that “No one was available to answer my call, please call back”.  I got to say, I definitely wouldn’t do business with a firm that does not respect my time.  Obviously they are not interested in more business.

So brides beware of who you are dealing with.  In a time of emergency, that’s the last thing you want to hear from a store.   What if there was a major problem, and your wedding was hours away?  There’s nothing better than GOOD personal service.  Remember that when you are choosing your vendors.

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