Sex and Your Wedding Night

You’ve probably been a couple for a while now, and the assumption that sex on your wedding night is the most amazing experience ever is a myth.  It could be great, or you could both be way too tired to be really at your best or perhaps way too tipsy.  However, your wedding night can be among your most romantic and one of your most intimate experiences.

Spend time together relaxing, talking about the day, and share with each other your feelings.   Flirt with your new husband during the day and create some anticipation.  Wear something different and special and set the stage with some candles, music, or whatever gets you in the mood.  Kick out your friends and family as this is your wedding night.  Many couples, who have been previously intimate, put off sex for a few weeks before the wedding to re-ignite the passion.

Couple Enbracing

Lower your expectations.  This might not be the most amazing sex you’ve ever had, but enjoy what happens.  The last few weeks have probably been a roller coaster of emotions – from stress, to excitement, to nervous anxiousness, with times of tears for no reason whatsoever. The wedding night can be whatever you want it to be as you have a life time of together to share.

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