Is money the reason you keep pushing back your wedding?

Affordable Wedding Locations in St. Louis


You want a beautiful wedding, something special, something to celebrate with family and friends. And yet, it seems impossible to come up with the cash to have the kind of wedding you want?
Everyone is feeling it! Gas prices are through the roof, food is expensive, and everything just costs more.

While money may have been the major obstacle preventing you from taking that step, there are ways to have a wonderful wedding, even on a tight budget. We’ve got some ideas to help you tie the knot, starting right here with some no cost or low-cost locations, and then we also have an additional 100 Money Saving Tips. ( And remember, marriage comes with a host of financial benefits and money-saving opportunities such as being partners in housing expense, insurance benefits, and tax benefits.

Don’t wait for money to marry.  A good park gazebo wedding just might be the answer. Combined that with some of our 100 Tips and you just might be a wifey before you know it.

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Alton Gordon Moore Public Park
Bellevue Park, Belleville. It has a beautiful gazebo and a medium size lake.
Forest Park – Waterfall off Lagoon Street, The Muny Entrance (Gazebo and beautiful lake in front of the Muny), General Grounds, the Basin area, and Old World’s Fair Pavilion are my favorites.
Faust Park – By The Village, Outside the Butterfly House, or at the Thornhill Mansion grounds that is behind the Butterfly House.
Kiener Plaza – The old Kiener Plaza was a beautiful setting. The new one is a bit busy all the time.
Carondelet Park
The Water Tower off Grand
Shaw Nature Reserve in Gray Summit. It’s $5.00 per person to enter, but it’s worth it! They have a beautiful lake and in spring they have 1000s of daffodils.
Oak Knoll Park in Clayton. There is a sunken garden area to the West of the building and also a small lake.
Bee Tree Park in South County.
The City Garden has a nice waterfall
Tower Grove Park – Most everyone knows about the ruins, the lily pond, and the many, many gazebos.
Castlewood State Park off Manchester Road in Ballwin
The J.C. Stage in St. Charles on the Riverfront. It cost a little to rent, but it’s very nice. They also have two other smaller pavilions.
The New O’Day Park in O’Fallon. They also have the O’Day Lodge which rents at a reasonable price.
The Arch Grounds.
Lafayette Square & Park
Laumeier Sculpture Park
Queeny Park in Manchester
Chesterfield City Center Park
St. Ferdinand Park in Florissant – Both Lake & Gazebo.
Various New Town Locations in St. Charles
Drace Park in Des Peres – not well known, but very nice.
Longview Farm off Clayton Road in Town & County.
Creve Coeur Lake Park
Kirkwood Trail Station (Get married inside the train station. A great location when the weather is bad.)
Fort Zumwalt Park
Quail Ridge Park in St. Charles County

Low Cost Outdoor Wedding Locations

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