Honeymoons…The Last Piece of the Puzzle



How many times have you had friends talk about their honeymoon disasters?  Your honeymoon can be an amazing trip which marks the beginning as husband and wife, or a stressful and disappointing trip that disrupts the focus of why you’re there.

There are several purposes of a honeymoon.  It is a time for rest and relaxation after the hectic months prior of planning and ……your wedding.  It is a time to be alone with your new spouse, a time to adjust to your new marriage.

Having someone who specializes in honeymoons help you, problems can be avoided.  It is often heard that the honeymoon did not go as hoped.  That problems occurred due to unexpected issues.  When you are so busy planning all the necessities for your special day, planning a honeymoon may seem like the easiest part.  You look at some pictures, talk to some friends, read a few reviews and mostly go with your budget.  So often, when not planned well, the cost is much higher than expected.  Shuttle service was not there, some restaurants at the all-inclusive cost extra, call brand drinks were not included in the ‘package’.  Entertainment was extra, and the list goes on.

 Using a travel agent is free, and will save you money.  They are well traveled, educated on the destinations as well as the resorts.  Knowing what they differences in resorts are can save you money and frustration.  Looking at the pictures, resorts often look similar.  But the truth is, there are huge differences.  From the menu selection to the activities, from the free amenities (shuttle service, water sports) to the ratio of staff to the guest.  Resorts also cater to different types of guests, and you want to make sure you are one of those.  If they cater to Europeans more than Americans, their menus might be a little challenging for those less traveled.  Many cater to honeymooners, but not as well as others.  Why pay for something you are not going to partake in?

 Just as important as the resort itself is, is the destination.  Ask the travel agent if they have traveled to the different locations you are considering, and if not, find another agent!  When a destination is visited, it gives the agent and idea of what the airport, transportation, logistics are.  Not always important facts to know, but priceless if there are things you need to know specific to that location.  These cannot be found reading a brochure.  Also important is find out any language barriers young couples might encounter.  A well informed traveler is going to have a much better time and get much more out of their vacation.  By knowing the location, the agent has experienced things like monetary differences, cultural and service differences.

Why not find the destination you are looking for, then choose the resorts that best fits your personality, vision and budget.

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