Guys Like to Look Good Too! Groom Fashion

Brides, the first thought that comes to mind when you talk wedding is probably finding the right dress and the color and style of your bridesmaids’ gowns.   While the groom plays an equally important part in the ceremony, many times he finds himself simply showing up on the wedding day wearing a tux he didn’t choose.

Gals, it’s time to think about your guy.  He might be more into this wedding thing if some attention was paid to making him look good too!  He should absolutely have a say in what he is going to wear.  Details like ties or bowties, suit or a tux, fancy vest or suspenders are all decisions that allow him to reflect his own personality.  Accessories that are fun could include a top hat, a pocket watch, cane and guy type jewelry.

Many guys can also rock a diamond stud if they’re used to wearing earrings, and I’ve seen some masculine chains that are truly cool.   Embroidered pocket handkerchiefs and scarves might also be something to consider.  And, do you remember wingtip shoes?  Some guys love them.

Now here comes the tricky part.  Your goal is let him “feel” like he is in control and guide him into proper decisions.  No, he can’t wear a pin-stripe suit (too business like) and forget about that patterned shirt (way to distracting).

For far too long the guys have played it safe with their wedding day attire.  Fashion might dictate certain key looks, but let your groom shine too!  After all, it’s his most important day of his life too! Groom Fashion Groom Fashion

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