Guest Love the Candy Buffet

Sweet Idea for Your Wedding Reception

Offering guests a candy buffet of colorful treats is what’s HOT in the St. Louis area.  People are loving it!  A fabulous display not only looks great, but it can serve as a gift favor as well.   Having bags or other containers ready will make it easy for your guests to snack on these treats during and after the reception.

You can create a beautiful and amazing wedding buffet by choosing different types of color and decoration.  Many brides incorporate their wedding colors/theme into this display.

And just for fun – here are some interesting Candy Facts:

  • Ninety five Hershey’s Kisses equals one pound of chocolate and there are 25 Jelly Belly beans in an ounce!
  • Get personalized M&Ms from
  • The history of candy goes all the way back to the earliest of men, the cave man. He created the idea of candy in a simply way that could be realized in his time. The first men used to eat honey and honey combs, and they enjoyed the sweetness, since most of their food consisted of grains and meat. The first confectioner’s candies were nuts and fruits that were rolled in honey.
  • In 1954, the first peanut M&Ms were created.  Do you know what color were they?   



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