Fretting about that Wedding Speech?

A know a lot of members of the wedding party stumble and feel totally uncomfortable when it comes time to deliver their wedding speech.  I’ve been to weddings where the Father of the Bride had a 5 page document that took over 20 minutes to present, and I’ve seen the Best Man be so drunk that he had no idea of what he actually said.  So, to make this task easier, I put together a few tips to guide each member of the wedding party that follows standard social etiquette.  So Brides and Groom send this to members of your wedding party.  They will be extremely grateful for the guidelines.

Best Man Speech: (5-6 minutes)

Best Man Speech

State that it is a privilege to be chosen as best man.

Talk about some special moments you shared with the groom.

Relate a story about your connection to the bride and groom.

If possible, add some light humor.

Commend the family for such a lovely wedding.


Maid of Honor Speech: (5-6 minutes)

Tell the bride how amazing she looks today.

Talk about your connection to the bride and special moments together.

Discuss how happy the bride was when she met the groom.

Share how you have watched their love grow.

Wish the couple great love and happiness for the future.


Father of the Bride Speech: (5 – 7 minutes)

Tell your daughter how beautiful she is and how proud you are of her.

Talk about when you met the groom and what you liked about him.

Talk about how the groom fits into your family.

Thank everyone for attending and celebrating with your family.

Thank the groom’s family for all their support.

Tell the wedding couple how happy you are for them.

(Don’t tell your daughter’s life story or embarrassing moments!)

Maid of Honor


Groom Speech: (5-7 minutes)

Tell your wife how happy you are to marry her.

Tell your wife how beautiful she is.

Talk about how you are happy to be a part of your wife’s family.

Talk about how you both met and how you felt at that time.

Talk about your Best Man and why you asked him to be your Best Man.

Thank the other members of the wedding party.

Talk about why your bride is the perfect person to share a life together.

Thank all guests for celebrating your special day.


Bride Speech:  (4-5 minutes)

Tell the groom how happy you are to have married him.

Talk about how you felt when you first met the groom and why you liked him.

Thank your mother, bridesmaids and others who have assisted with the day.

Share why your groom is the perfect man for you.

Thank your guests for coming to celebrating your special day.


Mother of the Bride Speech: (4-5 minutes)

Tell your daughter how beautiful she is and how happy you are for her.

Welcome the groom to your family.

Thank the groom’s family for their assistance.

Thank all of your guests – especially those who have travelled a long distance.

Wish your daughter and son-in-law a long life of love and happiness.

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