Bumps in the Road

One piece of advice that I give brides is that your wedding will most likely have a bump in the road.  No matter how well you plan, there are times when things go wrong.    Sometimes it is things beyond your control like weather, and other times it’s dealing with one of the many people that have come together for your wedding.   I have heard stories of wedding rings being stolen, tropical storms cancelling honeymoon plans, and, of course, the everyday situations like traffic problems, dress catastrophes, and vendor problems.  Just roll with the punches!  Don’t panic.  You will find a way to work through the problem, and just maybe come out in a better situation than you were before.

Bride Walking Down Aisle

One couple forgot to bring their marriage license and had to make a quick dash home; another bride lost her wedding shoes and made a detour on the way to the wedding to buy shoes at a department store in her bridal dress.  Most times there is a solution for all situations.

Sometimes, these bumps make for great laughs after the wedding.

As you are planning your wedding have you experienced any major bumps in the road?  How did you resolve the problem?

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