Bridal Veil Options

Most of us know that the bridal veil tradition goes back to medieval times.  Some said it was used to protect the bride from evil spirits.  It was believed that the bride appealed to evil spirits because of her happiness.  And, of course, in arranged marriages of ancient times the veil insured that the groom would follow through with the wedding.    And with some religious faiths the veil symbolizes purity and modesty.

Longer Length Veil 2

Brides today don’t put the veil over the face, but wear the veil behind the head.   The veil is still a symbol of inner beauty and symbolizes that while beauty may fade, love is eternal.  I believe that the veil should be an integral part of making a bride look like a bride.

Bird Cage Veil

Picking the bridal headpiece and veil can be a matter of taste and style.  And then there is the matter of length – cathedral, chapel length, elbow length, floor length, knee length, and small bird cage netting.

Long Elegant Cathedral Length


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