The Joy of a Small Wedding


Many couples are choosing a small wedding as it can be far more intimate than a traditional large wedding and let’s face it a small wedding can generally be within the reach of most people’s budget.  Inviting just a few close friends and immediate family members will allow you to choose options that might not otherwise be available.  You can spend your money where it really matters.

For instance, location is definitely more flexible.  You could choose to hold your ceremony in your home or a close’s friend’s home, perhaps a garden gazebo in a local park such as Tower Grove Park, or down on the riverfront with just the officiate and your guests gathered around.  And then there are some small party rooms you could rent for your “reception”.   The Moulin’s lower level Malt House Cellar can accommodate up to 130 guests and it offers entertainment – billiards, video games, etc.   St. Charles County has a number of county facilities that are affordable, and St. Peters Cultural Art Center is also an option.

Food and refreshments for your guests can be more relaxed or you could choose a more formal dinner with a choice of two entrees at your favorite restaurant.  And a simple one or two layer cake is more than adequate.

Party Room


While your wedding is “smaller” in scope, it’s still a very important day in your lives, and the one thing you don’t want to scrimp on is your photographer.  Your photographer will be with you all day, just like a bigger wedding, but he/she will probably  have more opportunities to catch some very romantic moments between the two of you.  These images will be priceless over the next 50 years!


(Pictured Below – a Wedding with 7 Total, including the Bride & Groom)

Small Wedding Group

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