What is Love?


Spring is in the air and so is love.  But what is love?  We asked several future brides to tell us what love meant to them.   For some the answers came quickly, and for others, they had to think about it.  We heard that love is caring for someone else deeply and unconditionally and accepting that person for who he is – even when he not doing his part to help around the house.  Love is finding someone that challenges you to be better and kinder.   Some thought love is being able to fully trust your partner unconditionally, and just the thought of him makes you smile.  Love means you are only happy when you are together.  Ask a kid, and they will say that love is sharing a cookie.

If you are engaged and planning to get married tell us what love means to you!   Send you photo and names to [email protected] and we will post some of the best.

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