Wedding Coordinator or Venue Coordinator? There is a difference

It’s probably a good time to clear up some confusion with regard to wedding coordinator versus venue coordinator.   There are many venues that will offer you a Venue Coordinator complimentary.   A Venue Coordinator deals with everything having to do with the reception venue – food, setup, etc.   If your ceremony is at a location other than the venue, a venue coordinator will not be at that location to help coordinate your ceremony.  While the venue  coordinator tries to keep you happy, he/she  actually works for the best interest of the venue.

A Wedding Coordinator works for YOU and will be by your side throughout the entire day and night.  They keep all activities on track such as bridal procession line-up, sewing on buttons, cake cutting, bouquet toss, toasts, and at the end of the night they make sure all your gifts are secured.  They also contact all your vendors before your wedding to make sure everyone is confirmed and they make sure all vendor have a timeline of your events, and that they know the details as when to arrive and where.

Most venue coordinators do a very good job, but just understand that the scope of what they do is limited mainly to the needs of the venue.   Maybe that’s all you need – but it’s always better to understand what to expect.


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