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Here are a few more cakes for additional ideas.   Any color, any size, flowers, ribbons, rhinestones — just about anything you can think of can be incorporated to decorate your cake.  Some brides keep it simple, while others have elaborate details.  Let us know if any of these cakes inspired you.  Everyone of our wedding cake bakers deserves a wonder hand of applause for such creative work.

Once again thanks to Patty Cakes, Celebrating Life Cakes, Sugar & Spice Laura’s Delight, Susie G’s Specialty Cakes, Jilly’s Cupcake Bar & Café, and The Cup.

PattyCakes 9

Sugar and Spice 1The Cakery 2PattyCakes 11Bride Cake 9Sugar and Spice 9SusieG 2SusieG 5The Cakery 1The Cup 6Bride Cake 23Bride Cake 24Bridal Cake 26Bridal Cake 27Bridal Cake 28Bridal Cake 29Bridal Cake 34Bridal Cake 35Bridal Cake 36Bridal Cake 37Bridal Cake 38Bridal Cake 39Bridal Cake 40Bridal Cake 41Bridal Cake 43Bridal Cake 44Bridal Cake 45Bridal Cake 46Bridal Cake 47Bridal Cake 49Bridal Cake 48Bridal Cake 53






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