All About Wedding Cake Icing

When it’s time to make a decision on your wedding cake, it’s important to understand the differences in the types of icing that can be used.  You have several options – all have advantages and disadvantages so keep that in mind when you are ordering your cake.  Let’s review these together.


Buttercream is the traditional icing used to frost cakes.  It is made from powdered sugar, butter, milk or water and a flavoring such as vanilla.

Advantages – More flavor and softer than fondant making it easier to cut.

Disadvantages – In warm weather this icing will begin to melt.


You can recognize fondant by the smooth finish.  It is made from sugar, hot water and corn syrup and is either rolled or poured and sculpted.  It has a type of clay consistency. Before applying the fondant the cake should have a thin layer of glaze or buttercream frosting to seal in crumbs.

Advantages – Great for cakes that have flawless, rounded edges.

Disadvantages – Can have a gunny consistency and harder to slice.

Royal Icing

This icing is made from beating egg whites with sugar and is used to make intricate decorations such as flowers or petals.  It hardens quickly when exposed to air so it helps delicate, designed objects keep their shape.


Marzipan is rolled and draped over cakes just like fondant icing is however marzipan is made from an almond paste which gives it a much more pliable structure.

Advantages: Almond flavoring makes for a sweet, almond taste.

Disadvantages – Your cake needs to be covered with plastic wrap to prevent drying out.



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