The Wedding Cake, Part II

This is the second of several posts about wedding cakes.  Today we are featuring some of the wedding cakes submitted by you our brides.  You will notice that there are some very elegant smaller wedding cakes as well.  Again, use these cakes as ideas to create your cake.

Here are some important facts to remember when ordering your cake.  The cost of a wedding cake depends on three factors:  Quality of Ingredients, Labor & Detail Involved, and the Number of Guest to be served.  With regard to flavors you have a wide selection – raspberry, chocolate, vanilla, or lemon.  You can have one layer as a chocolate layer and then a different layer as vanilla.  As you can see from the photos, details can make the difference.  Some have elegant designs and others are very simply.   A current trend is to use flowers as accents.  For the more budget conscious order a smaller wedding cake plus a regular sheet cake, and have your venue hold the sheet cake in the back to be sliced and served to the guests.  And finally, my suggestion is to order your cake at least three months ahead of your wedding date.  Be sure to ask if delivery and installation is included.  This is one job you really don’t want to tackle yourself.

Bride Cake 1Bride Cake 2Bride Cake 3Bride Cake 4Bride Cake 6Bride Cake 7Bride Cake 8Bride Cake 9Bride Cake 10Bride Cake 11Bride Cake 12Bride Cake 13Bride Cake 14Bride Cake 15Bride Cake 16Bride Cake 17Bride Cake 18Bride Cake 19Bride Cake 21Bride Cake 22Bride Cake 23Bride Cake 24

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