The Unplugged Wedding – A Great New Trend

More and more brides are insisting that guests turn off their cell phones because all the ringing and flashing can be very disturbing during their wedding ceremony.  And in addition, many professional wedding photographers are very outspoken about how cellular devices get in the way of capturing some great photos.  With guests holding up their I-pads, Cell Phones and Consumer Cameras, many great moments are totally ruined.  Technology allows people to take photos at a moment’s notice, but there is no way that you can compare the quality of those images to that of a professional photographer.  In addition, most couples really want their guests to be sharing the “experience and emotions” of exchanging those vows.

Unplugged Sign -

Here are ways to gently ask your guests to honor your wishes:

  1. Have a sign created that is placed at the ceremony entrance requesting all technology devices be turn off, and to refrain from taking photos during the ceremony.
  2. Ask your wedding officiant to remind guests to silence their phones and not to take photos – leave it to the professionals.
  3. Add a note to your invitations – letting guests know that you will be having an “unplugged wedding.”
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