Is Your Mom Someone Special in Your Life?

Mother Escort BrideIs your Mom your someone special, your go-to person when you need advice?   Sometimes Dads get all the attention on the wedding day – but let’s not forget about that very special Mother of yours.   A very sentimental way to share the special bond you have with your Mother is to give her a flower before you connect with your groom at the altar.  Take a moment before you step onto the altar and give your Mother a flower from your bouquet.   Perhaps even incorporate one of her favorite flowers into your bouquet.

If your Dad is no longer with you, there is no reason that your Mother can’t walk you down the aisle. One bride who had her Mother escort her down the aisle, lost her mother to illness a few months later.  This bride told me how very proud her mother was to be given this honor, as it meant so much to her.

If your Mother has passed, place a framed photo of her of the chair where she would have sat.

There are many other ways to make your Mother feel special.  Feel free to share with our readers any special traditions that you are incorporating to honor your Mother.

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