Printing & Stationery Checklist


It’s always a smart idea to put together a list of all the paper elements you’ll need as this will help you stay on budget and having this list will keep you organized.  We have put together a list of the various paper elements you might need for your special day.  You may not wish to use everything on this list, and some items can be done as a DIY project.  Today you can also email many of these items.  However – it’s still “proper” and correct etiquette to mail the wedding invitation itself.

Save the Date Cards – This card is used to pre-announce that a wedding is scheduled.  These are especially Important it you are having a lot of out of town guests who will need to make arrangements for travel.

Rehearsal Dinner invitations.

Bachelor/Bacherlorette Party Invitations.

Wedding Invitations  –  Always order a few more than you anticipate, plus always order MORE envelopes than invitations.  Some of the more formal invitation require envelope liners.

Reception Cards – Issued when only a select number of the guests invited to the ceremony are also invited to the reception.

Ceremony Cards – This card is enclosed when a select few guests are invited to the ceremony, in addition to the reception to which are guests are invited.

Response Cards – Guests return this card with their names and whether they will be attending.

Pew Cards (Reserved Seating) -This card is used in large, formal weddings and they indicate special seating positions at the ceremony/church/temple.

Rain Cards – This card informs guests invited to an outdoor wedding of an alternative location in case of rain.

Maps – Small printed maps with directions to the ceremony and/or reception site.

Accommodation Cards – This card is used to inform guests of any lodging accommodations that have been made and the fees for such.

Travel Cards – This card is used to inform guests of any special wedding day transportation you have arranged, such as a bus to take out of town guests from their hotel to the ceremony.

Weekend Wedding Activities – This card informs guests of the activities scheduled for the weekend and ideas of appropriate attire.  You may also use this card to suggest personal fun activities they may wish to do.

Ceremony Program – A program describing the events of the ceremony and the participants.  You can also include a list of the songs, prayers, and scriptures to be read.

Menu – Small Card used at the place seating indicating the menu for the event.

Table Number Cards – These can be just a number or a name based on your theme.  For example, if your wedding is all about great musicians….one table might be Johnny Cash, another Reba McIntyre etc.

Seating Place Cards or a LARGE display board to indicate where guests are expected to sit.

Thank You Cards – Small cards usually folded – used to express thanks for gifts received

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