Information Your Bridemaids Need to Know Prior to Your Wedding Day

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Attention all future brides – please print and keep this post – Information your bridesmaids need to know for your wedding day.  I’ve see many stressed out brides on their wedding day, with their attention being constantly diverted to questions and emails.  This is your wedding day – it’s the day to relax and take it all in.  Make your moments be the best ever by removing the clutter of interruptions.

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  1. Prepare an itinerary of the day.  Include what time and where your bridesmaids should arrive in the morning, to what time they should be finished getting ready.  Tell them where they can store their bags and personal items while preparing and ask them to keep the area clean and neat.   If you are planning to have your photographer capture some photos prior to the wedding, let them know.
  2. It’s a long day. Let your bridesmaids know the food situation.  Will you have light sandwiches and snacks for them?
  3. Bridesmaids come with significant others – so let your gals know when their partners can join them.
  4. Designate a GO TO person. Ask your Maid of Honor or Best Friend to be your GO TO Person.  Tell your bridesmaids to go to that person on the day of your wedding with ALL questions.  On your wedding day stay off Facebook, texting, and email.  There will be plenty of time for that later.
  5. Give your bridesmaid a list of everything they should bring with them. I recommend having your Maid of Honor bring along an emergency kit with Band-Aids, breath mints, etc.  (Check our previous blog for details on what to include: )
  6. Favorite music to play while everyone is getting ready can keep the energy up and the stress down. Again, ask a designated person to handle this task.


All this information can also be shared with the groomsmen.

Relax – and have a wonderful day!

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