Courthouse Weddings

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Did you know that every Wednesday at the St. Louis County courthouse you can get married by a judge?

The other week I had the chance to observe brides and grooms lining the hallways waiting their turn to be called before the judge.  As many as 28 couples waited their turn and then were called to the front of the court room with their two witnesses.  In front of all these strangers they committed to loving one another forever.   Five minutes and done.  I doubt that any of those couples every thought of this ceremony as the wedding of their dreams.

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Sometimes couples decide that the larger, formal wedding  just doesn’t work for them.  They instead decide to “elope”.  (You don’t have to leave town to elope.)  This decision might be precipitated by military deployment, family issues, or just because they want to forgo the expense and time consuming traditional wedding.

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