Butterfly Release – Something Fun for Your Wedding

Something special and a lot of fun at the wedding ceremony is the release of live butterflies.  On your special day your guest will enjoy the flutter of these creatures as they emerge from their release boxes.  Some of the butterflies will land on the guests and some will head for any white flower, because they are attracted to the color white.

Image Butterfly

A firm in Florida, Amazing Butterflies (www.AmazingButterflies.com) offers a variety of live butterflies that they will pack and ship to you overnight just before the wedding.  They need at least two weeks in advance to process your order.

One of the questions that I asked them was, “How do the butterflies survive shipping?”  Each butterfly is fed, exercised and carefully placed inside a triangular cardboard box for their safety.  They are then surrounded by soft padding and packages in an insulated cooler with a “cool-pack.”  The cool temperature combined with minimal light keeps the butterflies calm and naturally inactive during shipping.  Your butterflies are sent via overnight delivery to arrive the day before your wedding.

There must be at least 30 minutes of light once you release them so they can find a place to roost for the evening, and the temperature needs to be above 62 degrees, but the warmer the better.

So much fun!  And one more thing.  According to an American Indian Legend – if anyone desires a wish to come true they must first capture a butterfly and whisper that wish to it!

Girl with Butterfly

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