Brides who are “Mommies” Too!

In today’s weddings there are lots of brides who are also “Mommies.”  I have seen first hand the challenge of meeting the needs of your children while trying to enjoy one of the biggest days of your life, your wedding day.  Do yourself a favor, make sure to have lots of help with the little ones, and just focus on being a bride.

I’ve talked to a number of wedding planners and here are some tips that you might consider to make your day stress free and unforgettable:

First and foremost, you don’t have to have the traditional wedding with a big wedding party and a fancy reception with hundreds of guests. Many times when you have kids budgets are tight so a smaller wedding party and smaller reception will not only be cost effective but easier to coordinate.

Secondly,  involve your kids, if they are old enough, in the planning. They could do a reading or even give you away. Younger kids are best as ringbearers or flower girls, and even consider having them pulled in a wagon if they are really young. Involve kids in the sand ceremony and perhaps have a special “gift” presented to them during the ceremony, as a token of their part in this new family.

Absolutely get someone to be in charge of the kids (especially those under 7 years of age) during your PREP TIME, ceremony, and reception. Just focus on being a bride, not a “Mom”, while you are saying your vows. Enlist the help of a friend or family member and be clear about their task ahead of time and make them TOTALLY in charge of the kids. Perhaps even in a separate area away from where you are preparing and getting ready.

Be realistic about your time, both as you are preparing for the wedding and the day of the wedding.  Don’t try to take on too much or it will all fall apart. Planning ahead to have help with the children will give you one less stress to worry about.  Relaxed and happy mums make beautiful brides!

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