Black & White Photography is in Vogue

Many brides have discovered the beauty of Black & White Photography.  In Europe and on the coast, savvy brides are making their decision of photographer based on the ability of the photographer to produce a quality black and white image.  A good black and white image is not simply drained of color, but displays high contrast areas of dark and light to guide the eye to the main focus of the image – be it the bride or some other detail.  Another appeal that black and white photography offers is the ability to tell the story with less distraction.  Many times color can overwhelm the viewer.

Certain parts of the wedding day lend itself better to black and white images.  For example, the bridal preparation area is most times less than a perfect environment for photography.  It may be a classroom, nursery, bathroom, or just a boring room with no opportunity for visual beauty.  By removing the distraction of the room’s environment, and focusing on the activity, the story of the bride getting ready for the big day is really emphasized.

Color images are still used in many parts of the day – the flowers, the ceremony, the reception, etc., but a selection of images is produced in Black and White when appropriate or desired.

Most photographers can provide both a Black and White version, plus the color version giving you the best of all worlds.  When looking for a photographer be sure to ask how they process the black and white images.  Good image manipulation requires the ability to adjust the grayscale level and certain color channels, building highlights, plus other image enhancement skills like dodging and burning.  Simply hitting “monotone” on the computer will result in muddy, gray type images which are not attractive.  Black and White photography is a creative skill that not all photographers have.

A black and white portrait is classic and timeless.  It can really bring forth the emotions of the day, and tell your wedding story with drama and excitement.











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